WC67K-80T/3200 E200P

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WC67K-80T/3200 CNC hydraulic plate bending machine

■ Main technical parameters of machine tool



Machine tool model
Nominal pressure
800 kN
Bending length,
3200 mm
Distance between columns
2600 mm
The depth of the throat and mouth
300 mm
Maximum opening height
Maximum system pressure
Slider motion accuracy
Positioning accuracy
Repeated positioning accuracy
Main motor power
7.5 KW
Numerical control system
Oil pump
Bending precision


■ Main parts supporting manufacturers

 1.Hydraulic system: Dr. Rexroth

  2.Sealing element: Japanese NOK

  3.Oil pump: SUNNY, USA

  4.Electrical components: schneider

  5.Jacket joint: Germany

  6.Ball screw: Taiwan

  7.Linear guide: Taiwan

  8.E200P system: Easton, NanJing

■ Purpose of the machine

  The folded sheet metal bending machine has high productivity and high working accuracy, using different shapes of the upper and lower mould, can be bent into various shapes artifacts, stroke at a time can be to a bending forming of sheet metal, after a lot of bending can obtain more complex in the shape of the workpiece, when equipped with the corresponding equipment, can also make a punch.

■ Product structure

  1. Using UG (finite element) analysis method, computer aided optimization design, beautiful appearance.

  2. The machine adopts the steel plate welding structure, with enough strength and stiffness, hydraulic transmission to ensure that the work will not be due to plate thickness changes or under the mold "V" groove improper selection caused by serious overload accident, in addition, the machine has a stable work, easy to operate, small noise, safe and reliable characteristics.

  3. A mechanical block is set in the oil cylinder to ensure the repeated positioning accuracy of the sliding block to the lower dead point, so as to ensure the consistency of bending Angle during mass production.

  4. Using integral tempering to eliminate internal stress and machining the machine frame by CNC floor boring and milling machine, ensuring the accuracy of mounting surface of oil cylinder, guide rail and work table.

  5. The whole frame shall be derusted and sprayed with anti-rust paint.

■ Working slider structure

  1. The machine adopts hydraulic and electrical control, the slide stroke can be adjusted at will, and has the action specifications such as inching, semi-automatic, automatic, etc. The use of inching specifications can facilitate mold testing and adjustment.

  2. Up-moving bending machine design, double oil cylinders working at the same time, balanced operation, convenient and safe (servo motor adjusting Y-axis cylinder stroke)

  3.at the bottom of the dead point when the calendering function, to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece.

  4. Under the condition of the relevant national standards, bending Angle precision of plus or minus 45 ´.(standard JB/ t22572-2011)

  5. With the function of slow descent control, the operator can better control the workpiece.


■ The hydraulic system

  1. The hydraulic system (Bosch rexroth, Germany) can realize the actions of quick slide down, slow slide down, working speed bending, quick return and up, and quick stop of the slide in the process of down.

  2. SUNNY gear pump is adopted for oil pump, which can withstand high pressure and low noise.

  3. The oil pipeline adopts the combination of German bayonet joint and galvanized cold drawn pipe, and the sealing ring does not need to be replaced to overcome the oil leakage phenomenon.

  4. Japanese NOK company is selected as the sealing ring, with good sealing performance, reliable work and long service life.

  5. The machine can work continuously under rated load, the hydraulic system has no leakage and is continuously stable with high precision.

■ Electrical control system

  1. Electrical components and materials conform to international standards, safe and reliable, long life, strong anti-interference ability.

  2. Removable foot switch operation is provided.

  3. The electronic control components are of high quality and famous brand.

  4. The machine adopts ac 380V three-phase four-wire power supply, and the control circuit is ac 220V voltage.

  5. The main circuit of the motor has short circuit, overload and phase loss protection.

  6. The operation button is installed on the button table of the machine tool, and the electrical switch and indicator light are installed in the special electrical control box.

  7. The stop button of the oil pump is also the general button of the machine tool. When the oil pump stops working, the whole machine tool stops working.

  8. The machine is equipped with corresponding inching control button and emergency stop button.

■ Slider synchronization control

  Bending machine slide stroke synchronization, the use of mechanical and hydraulic synchronization mechanism, simple structure, stable and reliable, with the machine required synchronization accuracy, generally do not need regular maintenance to maintain long-term use.

■ After the keep-off

  1. Servo motor drives the adjustment of the rear retainer.

  2. The backstop screw is positioned with precision ball screw and supported by high-precision linear guide rail.

  3.H type synchronous belt synchronous wheel drive, high transmission accuracy, low noise.

  4. The use of up and down adjustable fine-tuning stop finger with higher accuracy ensures the positioning accuracy.

■ E200P System

  1.LCD high definition display。

  2.Control rear baffle shaft (X) and baffle block shaft (Y)。

  3.Automatic quick movement and low speed positioning。

  4.X/Y axis independent manual movement function。

  5.Bending counting function。

  6.Feel free to set scaling factors。

  7.Multi - step programming, automatic operation of the program, continuous positioning。

  8.Power off memory block and block position, procedures, parameters。

  9.Automatic retreat function to avoid the interference between the backstop and the workpiece。

  10.One-way positioning function, eliminate the screw drive clearance。

  11.Metric/inch conversion function。

  12.Hardware diagnostics。

  13.100 programs, 25 work steps。


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