How to use a CNC bending machine?

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  CNC bending machine mold including bracket, work table and clamping plate, the use of wire on the coil power, power on the pressure plate produced by gravity, so as to achieve the clamping between the pressure plate and the base plate.Operation method:
  1. Switch on the power and switch on the control panel before starting the oil pump.(at this time, the machine does not move)
  2, stroke regulation, use must pay attention to the regulation of stroke, must be tested before bending.
  3, bending groove selection, according to the actual situation of choice.For example: for bending 4mm sheet metal, the slot of about 32 should be selected.
  4, after the block adjustment is generally electric quick adjustment and manual fine-tuning.
  5, step on the foot switch began to bend, loosen the foot will stop, continue to step down.

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