Maanshan Middle Asia Machine Tools Manufacture Co., Ltd, today is placed as a professional leading manufacturer and global supplier of sheet metal working machinery specialized in the production of all types of hydraulic press brakes (Sychronized/Conventional), hydraulic guillotine shearing machines & hydraulic swing beam shearing machines (CNC/NC). ZYMT 's registered capital is around USD 860,000.00, occupy 100,000.00 square meters with a production workshop of 70,000.00 square meters, making it one of Chinese largest facility for professional sheet metal fabrication machinery. The total workforce at ZYMT is currently numbered at 400 employees and is composed of highly trained and qualified machine operators and assembly technicians supported by a staff of experienced engineers and designers.  All the ZYMT products are manufactured  with the Chinese AAA level good standardization and accredited for the ISO 9001:2008 and CE Certification is optional. In the past years ZYMT has progressed to become a major exporter of sheet metal machineries to the world markets with customers located in all the machine tools consuming countries.  ZYMT is currently represented in over 70 countries and regions worldwide through appointed dealers. Here,with a long and strong engineering experience behind, ZYMT wishes to present itself as a quality-conscious, professional machinery building company serving the industry.

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